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Tiger Woods has signed a deal with another luxury watchmaker just two months after Tag Heuer terminated its nine-year partnership. The deal with chopard replica watches, after the scandals of two years ago and losing five major endorsements is the first important agreement for this ex-number one golfer who has won 82 majors and 14 majors.

Tiger Woods joined the prestigious chopard replica watches ambassadors club on the day he returned from the PGA Tour to play in the Open.chopard replica watches Although the terms of the deal are not yet known, the media around the world speculates that it's at least a 5-year contract.

Woods signed an agreement earlier this year with Kowa Company Ltd. to endorse their heat rub exclusively for Japanese markets. Woods' agent has announced several new endorsements. It appears that the 36-year old golfer, who was ruined by his serial adultery, is on his way back to success.

The Swiss watchmaker has announced that they are paying tribute to Tiger Woods's exceptional stature and his role in establishing sport as a global phenomenon. chopard replica watches believes that Tiger Woods has a great career ahead of himself and has the necessary qualities to continue to make golf history.

Woods hasn't won a trophy since his win at the Australian Masters on November 15, 2009 Woods is currently ranked outside the top 50 of the world rankings,omega constellation replica watches his lowest ranking in 15 years.

The latest chopard replica watches member has extensive experience in the industry. He played a key role in the development and promotion of several watch brands (read our review of the Tag Heuer Professional Golf Watch) as a Tag Heuer ambassador until recently. Woods, along with his professional career, was a Tudor partner a few years before becoming a Tag Heuer ambassador.